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Fellowship of Christian Athletes welcomes C of C students

By Will Kendricks

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes has been an organization on the campus of the College of Charleston for a year now. In that time, the FCA’s vision of seeing the world transformed by Jesus Christ through coaches and athletes by leading them into a relationship with Jesus and His Church has been coming to fruition. We have a saying that if you sweat, you’re an athlete, so everyone is welcome to hear the Gospel! During the past year, there have been eight baptisms and five rededications of faith.

More than 100 individuals are being led in small group settings by student leaders. The student leaders are being discipled, making disciples and leading small groups. We have nine student leaders this year, and we are seeking to go deeper into the heart of individuals and have hearts transformed for Jesus Christ while engaging the lost, equipping them with the Gospel, and empowering them to share the Gospel. 

Practically, this is exhibited in a few different ways. 1. We identify student leaders who love Jesus and desire to walk in His light. 2. We equip them with the Gospel through retreats, training, and discipleship. Volunteers and staff lead these student leaders into a deeper relationship with Jesus and a growing knowledge of His Word. 3. We challenge these student leaders to lead others through discipleship and small groups. 4. We identify the lost; then present the Gospel to them and help them grow as well. 5. We restart in engaging the lost, equipping them and then empowering them to make disciples. We believe this model is cyclical and has no end as we seek to obey Jesus’ commands in Matthew 28. 

On September 7 we are having a church fair, the first of its kind, to get students at the C of C immersed in the church community in the area. We want our students to get plugged into a local community of believers, as we see FCA being an extension of the local church, not the church in its entirety. We will be inviting churches that stand alongside FCA’s Statement of Faith in the local area to join us in our vision of plugging in students into church and caring for them in various ways. We desire that these individuals see the immense need for a church home and community. 

Lives have been changed, stories have been re-written, and generations to come will be impacted because of these students making decisions to follow the Lord. The Spirit is moving and breaking chains on the campus. We believe this generation is one that desires to see Jesus become known in our world. We believe this generation is tired of age-old lies and ready for change. That change can only come from the Lord, and we are excited, honored, humbled and blessed to be a small part of it. Revival starts here. Please reach out if you’re interested in being a part of it.

Will Kendrick is the college representative for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the College of Charleston; to reach Will, you may email him via:; if you wish to support his efforts, kindly visit

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