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Let the bells ring out

We have been called to deeper prayer. Senator Tim Scott has asked for us to make this April a month of prayer by stopping each noon for a moment of prayer for our nation, for the world and for release from the scourge of this recent virus.

In addition, my friend John Carroll has suggested that all churches ring their bells for three minutes each day at noon. In this time of enforced physical isolation from one another, many of us are alone; many are depressed and feel lost or abandoned. We all need a reminder that we are one and we are together.

Let the bells ring throughout our cities to remind them that God hears our prayers and that He cares. Let the bells ring out to celebrate the fortitude of our people in this time of distress. Let the bells ring out to remind us that we are one nation under God. Let the bells ring out to reach into the homes and the hearts of our people alone and in distress. Let the bells bring comfort and peace.

Call your pastors and priests. Tell them to let the bells ring out.

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