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Maintain your healing

Sometimes healing is a miraculous event and it is always appropriate to rejoice if God heals you spontaneously of a physical ailment or immediately sets you free from the effects of addiction or abuse! More often, healing is a process and Lord walks you through healing step by step like the layers of an onion peeling away.

Many of you have experienced great healing of wounded memories or of sadness, grief and loss and then you feel that healing slipping away. What can we do to not fall back into discouragement or pain?

After a person experiences freedom through healing prayer, the enemy is very unhappy at losing ground with that person. He may whisper in your ear that this healing is not real. He will try in various ways to tempt you or reclaim his territory.

I encourage you to be in community and stay in relationship with others. Satan strives to isolate people. Satan may not be very active until he realizes he is losing someone, then he will come and start pestering them, causing them to withdraw from people. You may experience new shame or embarrassment rise up in you because of your new vulnerability to God and others.

It is also entirely appropriate to continue to receive prayer during a series of weeks or months. Read books appropriate to your situation, listen to talks or go to a recovery group such as GriefShare, AA or Alanon. Be active in a local church.

All of us need to be encouraged not to become passive. We need to pursue our healing — learn, read and go to everything you can. Be actively involved in your own spiritual care!

Let me suggest that there are positive actions that all of us can practice to maintain a healthy spiritual life:

Keep your life balanced

Some of us can’t do as much as we did when we were 25 years old. And some of us have “caregiver” stamped on our foreheads! We are so busy caring for others that we don’t keep our own needs in balance. Listen to the Holy Spirit.

Every morning I wake up and say, “I have no goal but to serve you today. I am going to do what you tell me to do today.”

Once I asked the Lord in my mind, “What do you want me to do today?”

He said, “Go to the beach.”

I said, “No, I have way too much to do.

He said, “Go to the beach.”

“Ok, I’ll take the dogs and go to the beach.”

I heard Him say, “NO, don’t even take the dogs, because then you are caring for something.”

So I went to the beach and I tuned into the sound of the ocean and the seagulls and children laughing. And when I returned it took only an hour to do all the things I thought would take me all day to do.

Find out what your passion is and fit that into your life

What brings you life? Is it art? Music? Gardening? Animals?

Exercise and practice good nutrition

If you are surviving on too little sleep, eating a lot of sugar and drinking a lot of caffeine, your adrenal system will shut down. Exercise relieves tension and releases endorphins.

Loving community and friends are absolutely necessary

We were created for relationships, so get with your friends and celebrate together, worship together, serve

together and do fun things.

Be under the authority of someone who is watching out for you — someone you trust and is concerned for your welfare. Satan seeks to isolate you, pulling you away from people and what brings you life.

Take a silent retreat, not to learn, but just to be with God. Soak in His presence.

Don’t let yourself go that critical place in your mind where you focus on what is wrong; focus on what is beautiful. Speak blessing over yourself and others.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. — Philippians 4:8

Take a daily inventory

Before you go to bed, I recommend confession of sin and spiritual cleansing. Give God thanks for the blessings of the day and cut yourself free from any hurts or burdens. Pray for your dreams, read scripture and pray for your spouse or family.

Nourish yourself

Good books nourish your soul. Hand-pick your movies; your mind is precious and the imagery of sex and violence can capture a place there.

The joy of the Lord is your strength. God wants us to have great joy in this journey, so laughter is healing! Stay away from people who are critical or legalistic.

God wants to reveal to you your true value

You are priceless to Him. Your whole life and efforts are meaningful for the kingdom of God. You are an original, so take care of yourself. Be good to yourself. Make time for yourself. Make time for Him. Make time in your life for the people that love you. Don’t be too busy for your friends or family; God will send someone else to take care of that person you are overly concerned about. Leave them in God’s capable hands.

A Prayer to affirm your Healing:

Lord, we seal up all healing work the Holy Spirit has done in this child of God that the evil one cannot come and snatch it away. I place the protection of the blood of Jesus over and around them; protect their thoughts, mind, body, soul and spirit. Surround them with people who will help and affirm them. Help them to walk into their new identity. We consecrate these precious ones to you in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

For more than 40 years, Judith MacNutt has been one of the most recognized and respected leaders in the healing ministry. She and her late husband, Francis, co-founded Christian Healing Ministries, Inc. (Jacksonville, Fl.), a Christ-centered, ecumenical and non-profit ministry that is dedicated to the practice and teaching of healing prayer. Judith has traveled the world teaching about the love of Jesus Christ and the power and effectiveness of healing prayer. She is also the author of many books. For more information about Christian Healing Ministries, please visit their website at or ring them at (907) 765-3332.

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