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About the Carolina Compass

Dear Friends in Christ,

            As you may know, the holding company for the Charleston Mercury is Holy City Productions L.L.C. — and this name is neither an accident nor a coincidence. We believe that it is our Christian duty to follow what we read in Acts 1:8:  “you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” We have been blessed to have the opportunity to offer a strong variety of faith-based content in the salmon sheets for many years, but we will now expand this message in a mighty way through our new journal called the Carolina Compass.

            Launching December 2015, the Carolina Compass — a compelling and attractive tool of evangelism — has started as a supplement to the 14,000-copy press run for the Mercury. In addition, we run 25,000 MORE copies that are distributed along the South Carolina coast, largely through churches and various strategic locations where persons of all walks of life come.

           Speaking of its name, our front-page content and “flag” (the name above the fold) are designed to appeal to the faithful as well as the seeker, giving historical windows into church life and showing the hands and feet of the faithful doing good works in their communities. We shall also shine a light on worldwide persecution of Christians and how we can support the faithful. A wide variety of perspectives on faith, mission work and healing will be inside the paper. Christian correspondents will come from all over the globe and up and down our coast.

            On the business side, we have been able to hold down printing expenses because we are leveraging our print run of the salmon sheets and running the Carolina Compass on white paper, allowing it to stand out on its own and be a beacon in white as symbol of purity — not ours but His. We need community and business support on many levels:  financial, distribution, advertising and content. Those donating will be listed on a regular page in the paper or they may give in a memory of a loved one. We also welcome assistance from those with strategic business locations that we may use for distribution. This is an ambitious undertaking in a world filled with trials for all true believers, but it will succeed with your prayers, support and vigorous networking with your friends.

           We so appreciate your prayers and consideration.





Charles W. Waring III


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