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May 1, 2019

In undergraduate pilot training, no one ever mentioned an “autopilot.” Looking back on it, it makes sense that a student pilot ought to have to fly the plane by him/herself. However, after getting my wings, it did not take long for me to meet “George.”

Why “George,” you...

September 5, 2018

“Hey, Mom, guess who’s coming to dinner?”

That may have been the question Peter’s wife asked her mother when Peter invited the Lord Jesus, James and John into her home. The problem was Peter’s mother-in-law was very ill. When Jesus arrived, He did not bring a bouquet of...

July 12, 2017

I have several questions that I would like answered when I get to heaven. Some are very serious about disease, pestilence and violence. Some are kind of funny, like “Why did You make an armadillo?” (My answer is “To torment the Texans,” but there might be a better answ...

June 6, 2017

I will never forget the first time I was scheduled to fly at night. I was a student pilot at Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio, Texas, in 1969. We were flying the “Tweet” — the Cessna T-37 jet trainer. It sounded like fun until we realized the scheduler said we all had...

January 17, 2017

Before I was a chaplain, I was a pilot. I flew the Super Constellation, EC-121 and the Super Jolly Green Giant, HH-53. The “Connie” was a big four-engine propeller-driven airplane that was used for Airborne Early Warning and Control when I was flying it in the 1970s. T...

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A signal to the seeker,
a friend to the faithful

 The Carolina Compass is designed to appeal to the faithful as well as the seeker, giving historical windows into church life and showing the hands and feet of the faithful doing good works in their communities. We shall also shine a light on worldwide persecution of Christians and how we can support the faithful. A wide variety of perspectives on faith, mission work and healing will be inside the paper. Christian correspondents come from all over the globe and up and down our coast.


November 6, 2019

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